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    Unsurpassed in performance and durability. Centurion porcelain-on-steel markerboards are the finest markerboards in the world. Specifically designed for everyday use. Centurion’s porcelain-on-steel surface is the hardest marker surface available and will resist scratching, denting or staining, Due to its steel substrate, Centurion markerboards accept magnetic accessories. Built to last, Centurion markerboards, with their fifty-year guarantee, are the best value when measured over their years of dependable service.

    Now comes with Ghent's Smart-Pak Accessory Tray. Making Whiteboard shipping and installation quick, simple, and GREEN!
    Ghent’s line-up of large-sized boards (typically starting at 5'W x 3'H and up) has been redesigned with the Smart-Pak tray. While packed in the same carton, the Smart-Pak tray ships detached from the board until field installed.

    This eliminates the engineering challenge of shipping boards with attached trays, which historically accounts for over 55% of board freight damage. The new design also makes for simpler and greener shipping, as Ghent now packages trays unattached to the board to reduce the amount of packaging material used by 25%.