Da-Lite 92692-Black - $645.00

 85" Diag. 60x60 Advantage Manual w/CSR Projector Screen, Square Format, H.C. Matte White Fabric
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Da-Lite - 92692-Black

85" Diag. 60x60 Advantage Manual w/CSR Projector Screen, Square Format, H.C. Matte White Fabric
Case Color: Black
Item# 92692-Black
Price: $645.00
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 Product Specifications
Screen Type:
Business, Classroom
Square [1:1]
Usually Ships Within:
3-5 Business Days
Diagonal Size (in.):
Viewable Height (in.):
Viewable Width (in.):
Mount Type:
Front/Rear Projection:
1 Year
Screen Surface:
High Contrast Matte White
Ceiling Recessed?:
Ceiling Recessed
Controlled Screen Return
Product Line:
Advantage Manual w/CSR

All Da-Lite projector screens are custom built to order and Made in the USA.

Advantage Manual With CSR (Ceiling Recessed)

The Advantage Manual is a ceiling recessed manually operated screen. Developed with the installation process in mind, the Advantage Manual Screen with Controlled Screen Return (CSR) provides the convenience and flexibility of installing the case and fabric/roller assemblies at separate stages of construction. Offered exclusively by Da-Lite, the Controlled Screen Return (CSR) system adds an impressive feature to the Advantage? design. The CSR system ensures the quiet controlled return of the screen into the case providing optimal performance and smooth, consistent operation. Screens with the CSR feature must be fully extended. There are not intermediate stopping positions.

Finished case edges provide a clean look and comfortable build-in of ceiling tiles.

A floating mounting method utilizing adjustable roller brackets is designed into the lightweight, extruded aluminum case allowing the centering or offsetting of the screen. Matte White fabric up to and including 10' high will be seamless. Video Spectra 1.5 and High Contrast Matte White fabric up to and including 8' high will be seamless. High Power fabric up to and including 6' high will be seamless. Pull cord included.

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94357-White54 x 96HDTV [16:9]High Power $952.00
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94356-White54 x 96HDTV [16:9]Video Spectra 1.5 $839.00
92701-White57 x 77Video [4:3]High Contrast Matte White $799.00
85708-White57 x 77Video [4:3]High Power $913.00
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85737-White58 x 104HDTV [16:9]Video Spectra 1.5 $897.00
92702-White60 x 80Video [4:3]High Contrast Matte White $799.00
85712-White60 x 80Video [4:3]High Power $913.00
85709-White60 x 80Video [4:3]Matte White $799.00
85711-White60 x 80Video [4:3]Video Spectra 1.5 $799.00
92692-White60 x 60Square [1:1]High Contrast Matte White $590.00
85659-White60 x 60Square [1:1]High Power $703.00
85656-White60 x 60Square [1:1]Matte White $590.00
85658-White60 x 60Square [1:1]Video Spectra 1.5 $590.00
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85742-White65 x 116HDTV [16:9]High Power $1,104.00
85739-White65 x 116HDTV [16:9]Matte White $991.00
85741-White65 x 116HDTV [16:9]Video Spectra 1.5 $991.00
92703-White69 x 92Video [4:3]High Contrast Matte White $810.00
85716-White69 x 92Video [4:3]High Power $924.00
85713-White69 x 92Video [4:3]Matte White $810.00
85715-White69 x 92Video [4:3]Video Spectra 1.5 $810.00
92693-White70 x 70Square [1:1]High Contrast Matte White $771.00
85663-White70 x 70Square [1:1]High Power $884.00
85660-White70 x 70Square [1:1]Matte White $771.00
85662-White70 x 70Square [1:1]Video Spectra 1.5 $771.00
92695-White72 x 96Video [4:3]High Contrast Matte White $810.00
85671-White72 x 96Video [4:3]High Power $924.00
85668-White72 x 96Video [4:3]Matte White $810.00
85670-White72 x 96Video [4:3]Video Spectra 1.5 $810.00
92709-White78 x 139HDTV [16:9]High Contrast Matte White $1,069.00
85746-White78 x 139HDTV [16:9]High Power $1,182.00
85743-White78 x 139HDTV [16:9]Matte White $1,069.00
85745-White78 x 139HDTV [16:9]Video Spectra 1.5 $1,069.00
92697-White84 x 108Square [1:1]High Contrast Matte White $944.00
85679-White84 x 108Square [1:1]High Power $1,057.00
85676-White84 x 108Square [1:1]Matte White $944.00
85678-White84 x 108Square [1:1]Video Spectra 1.5 $944.00
92694-White84 x 84Square [1:1]High Contrast Matte White $799.00
85667-White84 x 84Square [1:1]High Power $913.00
85664-White84 x 84Square [1:1]Matte White $799.00
85666-White84 x 84Square [1:1]Video Spectra 1.5 $799.00
92704-White87 x 116Video [4:3]High Contrast Matte White $1,018.00
85720-White87 x 116Video [4:3]High Power $1,132.00
85717-White87 x 116Video [4:3]Matte White $1,018.00
85719-White87 x 116Video [4:3]Video Spectra 1.5 $1,018.00
92698-White96 x 120Square [1:1]High Contrast Matte White $1,018.00
85687-White96 x 120Square [1:1]High Power $1,132.00
85684-White96 x 120Square [1:1]Matte White $1,018.00
85686-White96 x 120Square [1:1]Video Spectra 1.5 $1,018.00
92696-White96 x 96Square [1:1]High Contrast Matte White $857.00
85675-White96 x 96Square [1:1]High Power $970.00
85672-White96 x 96Square [1:1]Matte White $857.00
85674-White96 x 96Square [1:1]Video Spectra 1.5 $857.00
85723-Black105 x 140Video [4:3]High Power $1,316.00
85721-Black105 x 140Video [4:3]Matte White $1,203.00
85683-Black108 x 108Square [1:1]High Power $1,154.00
85680-Black108 x 108Square [1:1]Matte White $1,040.00
85693-Black108 x 144Square [1:1]High Power $1,341.00
85691-Black108 x 144Square [1:1]Matte White $1,227.00
85688-Black120 x 120Square [1:1]Matte White $1,124.00
85690-Black120 x 120Square [1:1]High Power $1,237.00
85724-Black120 x 160Video [4:3]Matte White $1,242.00
85694-Black144 x 144Square [1:1]Matte White $1,270.00
92699-Black43 x 57Video [4:3]High Contrast Matte White $645.00
85700-Black43 x 57Video [4:3]High Power $758.00
85697-Black43 x 57Video [4:3]Matte White $645.00
85699-Black43 x 57Video [4:3]Video Spectra 1.5 $645.00


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Projector screen8/21/2012
Ordering was quick and easy no problems with shipment.

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